Struct twilight_lavalink::player::PlayerManager[][src]

pub struct PlayerManager { /* fields omitted */ }

Retrieve and create players for guilds.

The player manager contains all of the players for all guilds over all nodes, and can be used to read player information and send events to nodes.


impl PlayerManager[src]

pub fn get(&self, guild_id: &GuildId) -> Option<Ref<'_, GuildId, Player>>[src]

Return an immutable reference to a player by guild ID.

pub fn get_or_insert(
    guild_id: GuildId,
    node: Node
) -> RefMut<'_, GuildId, Player>

Return a mutable reference to a player by guild ID or insert a new player linked to a given node.

pub fn destroy(
    guild_id: GuildId
) -> Result<(), TrySendError<OutgoingEvent>>

Destroy a player on the remote node and remove it from the PlayerManager.

Returns an error if the associated node no longer is connected.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for PlayerManager[src]

impl Debug for PlayerManager[src]

impl Default for PlayerManager[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl !RefUnwindSafe for PlayerManager

impl Send for PlayerManager

impl Sync for PlayerManager

impl Unpin for PlayerManager

impl !UnwindSafe for PlayerManager

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